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Margarita Kumnick
Research Information Coordinator
Phone number:
(03) 9919 1343
Email address:

BEc, Univ. del Pacifico (Lima, Peru); Grad. Dip. Info. Man., Univ. Ballarat

Professional experience
Margarita Kumnick joined CSES (now VISES) in 1993, where she is Research Information Coordinator. Her skills and interest lie in the field of information management. At VISES, she manages the information and data requirements of the Institute’s research projects ensuring they are met in a timely manner. She actively participates in all the Institute’s research projects and consultancy arrangements, assisting in specifying the nature and type of information and data required, and managing the resources to make certain they are fully available and shared by all team members. She also coordinates the Institute’s publication program, including research reports, journal articles, working papers and all other internally produced documents. She assists in the proofreading, preparation, and publication of the final outcomes (hardcopy or electronic). She manages and maintains the Institue’s website.

After completing a Graduate Diploma of Information Management at the University of Ballarat in 1992, she was Reference Librarian at both Deakin University Library (Geelong Campus) and the Australian Catholic University Library (Ballarat Campus) (1992-1993). She was awarded the Thomas H. Woodrow Memorial Trust Award 1992, given annually to the most outstanding student of information management in Victoria.


Journal articles

Rasmussen, B., Maharaj, N., Karan, A., Symons, J., Selvaraj, S., Kumar, R., Kumnick, M. and Sheehan, P. 2021, ‘Evaluating interventions to reduce child marriage in India’, Journal of Global Health Reports, vol. 5, e2021044.

Symons, J., Howard, E., Sweeny, K., Kumnick, M. and Sheehan, P. 2019, ‘Reduced road traffic injuries for young people: A preliminary investment analysis’, Journal of Adolescent Health, vol. 65, no. 1, pp. S34-S43.

Research reports

Rasmussen, B., Sheehan, P., Symons, J, Maharaj, N., Welsh, A. and Kumnick, M. 2022, Syria Education and Development Investment Case: Economic, Social and Psychological Costs and Risks Resulting from Not Investing in Education Systems in Syria, Report to UNICEF Syria, Victoria Institute of Strategic Economic Studies, Melbourne.

Rasmussen, B., Sweeny, K., Welsh, A., Kumnick, M., Reeve, M. and Dayal, P. 2020, Increasing Social and Economic Benefits Globally: Rates of Return on Health Investments, US Chamber of Commerce, Washington DC and VISES, Victoria University, Melbourne.

Young, C., Jones, R.N. and Kumnick, M. 2018, The Long Road: Building Effective Diversity and Inclusion in Emergency Management Organisations: Case Study Synthesis and Draft Framework, Report to Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC, VISES, Victoria University, Melbourne, July.

Young, C.K., Jones, R.N., Kumnick, M., Casey, N. and Christopher, G. 2017, Risk Ownership Framework for Emergency Management Policy and Practice, Report to BNHCRC, VISES, Victoria University, Melbourne, 115 pp.

Edited books

Grewal, B. and Kumnick, M. (eds) 2006, Engaging the New World: Responses to the Knowledge Economy, Melbourne University Publishing, Melbourne.

Sheehan, P., Grewal, B. and Kumnick, M. (eds) 1996, Dialogues on Australia's Future: In Honour of Professor Ronald Henderson, Victoria University, Melbourne.