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    Position   Phone   Email
Prof. Bruce Rasmussen   Director   9919 1342   Bruce.Rasmussen@vu.edu.au
Prof. Bruce Mountain   Director, Victoria Energy Policy Centre       bruce.mountain@vu.edu.au
Prof. Peter Sheehan   Research Director   9919 1341   Peter.Sheehan@vu.edu.au
Dr Kim Sweeny  

Principal Research Fellow

  9919 1349   Kim.Sweeny@vu.edu.au
Prof. Roger Jones   Professorial Research Fellow   9919 1992   Roger.Jones@vu.edu.au
Prof. Bhajan Grewal   Adjunct Professor   9919 1344   BhajanGrewal@vu.edu.au
Prof. Sardar Islam   Professor   9919 1338   Sardar.Islam@vu.edu.au
Prof. Adam Fforde   Adjunct Professor        
Dr John Symons   Research Fellow   9919 1457   John.Symons@vu.edu.au
Ms Neelam Maharaj   Research Fellow   9919 1192   Neelam.Maharaj@vu.edu.au
Ms Celeste Young   Collaborative Research Fellow   9919 1347   Celeste.Young@vu.edu.au
Ms Margarita Kumnick   Research Information Coordinator   9919 1343   Margarita.Kumnick@vu.edu.au
Ms Siobhan McCuskey   Administration Officer   9919 1222   Siobhan.McCuskey@vu.edu.au


Dr Abdullahi Ahmed Associate Professor RMIT
Dr Sanjoy Bose Professor of Accounting and Finance Abu Dhabi University, UAE
Dr Matthew Clark Head of School of Humanities and Social Sciences Deakin University
Dr Ohidul Haque Professor IIBASS
Dr Nella Hendriyetty Deputy Director for G20 Forum, Center for Climate Finance and Multilateral Policy Fiscal Policy Agency
Ministry of Finance, Indonesia
Mr Ainsley Jolley    
Dr Tri Dung Lam Associate Professor of Economics and Finance Department of Business Administration, American University of Ras Al Khaimah, UAE
Dr Prabodh Malhotra    
Dr Safwan Mohd Nor Associate Professor of Finance University of Malaysia Terengganu
Dr K.B. Oh Senior Lecturer La Trobe Business School, Department of Economics, La Trobe University
Dr Hoang N. Pham    
Dr Kashif Rashid Associate Professor Management Sciences Department COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Pakistan
Dr Mohammad Rusydi

Senior Lecturer

Universiti Brunei Darussalam, Brunei
Dr Sethapong (Paul) Watanapalachaikul