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Books published by external publishers

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Books published by CSES: 1994-2002

China's Future in the Knowledge Economy: Engaging the New World, 2002
The emerging knowledge economy is a very different world from the one in which the West achieved advanced economy status or the Asian tigers shot to prominence. The driving forces of new technologies, global competition and market pressures are being felt in every corner of China. This book is about that country ’s future in this emerging knowledge economy, and about the strategies that it should pursue.

Work Rich, Work Poor: Inequality and Economic Change in Australia, 2001
The number of Australians in hardship has increased during a decade when average real incomes have risen, and property and share markets are buoyant. This book studies this paradox by bringing together the work of many of Australia’s leading experts in social and economic analysis. The focus is on jobs and earnings, and on the increasingly unequal distribution of different types of jobs, and of earnings within job types.

Working for the Future: Technology and Employment in the Global Knowledge Economy, 1998
The upheavals in many economies in 1997 and 1998, including the 'miracle economies of East Asia, are further evidence of the powerful forces at work in the world economy. This book studies the global knowledge economy that is emerging as a result of these technological and policy forces, and explores its impact in various areas.

Exporting Education to Asia,1997
This book examines the changing market for post-secondary educational services in a range of Asian countries, and the strategies required for education providers to be competitive in these countries. While written from an Australian perspective, it would be of considerable interest in Asia and other countries.

The Public Sector in Jeopardy: Australian Fiscal Federalism from Whitlam to Keating, 1997
This book reviews the evolution of federalism in Australia during the Whitlam, Fraser, Hawke and Keating governments – a period of profound change in the economy, public finances, and political institutions and processes. It reviews the upheavals in those areas, charting the performance of successive governments and documenting the successes and failures of their economic policies.

Dialogues on Australia's Future: In Honour of the Late Professor Ronald Henderson, 1996
This book of essays addresses key economic and social issues facing Australia. The first part covers topics including the rise of the online economy, the apparent dominance of global financial markets over national policy and Australia's links with Asia. In the second part, six policy issues are considered, including the deregulation of wages and the role of technology and industry policy. The final essays address the rise of inequality in Australia, and the role of the quality of life and the national interest in economic policy.

Australia and the Knowledge Economy: An Assessment of Enhanced Economic Growth Through Science and Technology, 1995
This book examines Australia's recent performance and future prospects in the emerging world of the knowledge economy - the processes, products and structures emerging around the world as a result of the impact of computing and communications technologies on every sphere of life.

The Rebirth of Australian Industry: Australian Trade in Elaborately Transformed Manufactures 1979-1993, 1994
This book explores the causes and consequences of the decline of older industries in Australia. It also examines the progress made over the past decade in building new and expanding industries. It considers economic, social and technological policy issues that are raised by the development of these new industries.