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Prof. Sardar M. N. Islam
Phone number:
(03) 9919 1338
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BA (Hons), MA, PhD, LLB (Law)

Professional experience
Prof. Sardar M. N. Islam has interest in different academic fields in Finance, Economics, Business, and Law where he has publications, expertise, or experience in teaching, supervision, and research. He has published extensively in the above areas. His qualifications include Ph.D. and LL.B. He is also associated with the Financial Modelling Program, the Law and Economics program, the Centre for International Corporate Governance Research, the Institute for Logistics and Supply Chain Management, among others. He has taught for more than 15 years at different universities in various countries. His research has gained international reputation.

He currently supervises over a dozen doctorate students. For his current and past students’ topics, see: http://www.cfses.com/students.htm

Recent Publications


Raoprasert, T. and Islam, S.M.N. forthcoming 2010, Designing an Efficient Management System, Springer, New York.

Ahmed, A. and Islam, S.M.N. forthcoming 2010, Financial Liberalisation in Developing Countries: Issues, Theories, Time Series Econometric Analyses and Policy Making, Springer, Heidelberg.

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Journal articles

Nuryanah, S. and Islam, S. forthcoming 2010, ‘Corporate Governance and Performance: Evidence from an Emerging Market’, Malaysian Accounting Review.

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