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Alison Welsh
Research Fellow
Phone number:
(03) 9919 1346
Email address:

BBus (Appl. Eco & HR), Deakin; Grad Dip Bus, Deakin

Professional experience
Alison Welsh is currently a Research Fellow at the Centre for Strategic Economic Studies, Victoria University, where she has been conducting research and data analysis on various projects since 2003. Research projects have included:

• Returns to health investments analysis.
• Business strategies for biotech companies.
• The Australian transport sector and climate change.
• The spatial information industry in Australia.
• ICT e-business benchmarking survey.
• Biotech business models.
• Biotech and pharmaceutical alliances.
• Generic pricing and market share in the context of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.
• SEEK employment index.
• Survey of businesses within a hi-tech sector of the communications industry.
• Economic impact of the Australian Synchrotron – clustering, innovation R&D and technological transformation.
• The integration of four large databases containing hospital drug pricing arrangements.
• Assembly of multi-country data on the impacts of global climate change.

Before that she was a Research Analyst with TradeData International Pty Ltd (1996-2002) where she prepared tailored reports on trade import and export statistics for many large Australian companies. Prior to this she was an Industry Analyst with IBIS Business Information Pty Ltd (1988-2000) where she researched and analysed 39 retail and wholesale industries by ASIC/ANZSIC classification and compiled written reports for each industry. The reports included an analysis and discussion of the industry’s market characteristics, the performance of the industry overtime, the recent performance of the major players and their competitors, a 5-year forecast of the industry’s performance, as well as recommendations as to the key success factors for firms and a risk assessment for each industry.


Journal articles

Sheehan, P., Sweeny, K., Rasmussen, R., Wils, A., Friedman, H.S., Mahon, J., Patton, G.C., Sawyer, S.M., Howard, E., Symons, J., Stenberg, K., Chalasani, S., Maharaj, N., Reavley, N., Shi, H., Fridman, M., Welsh, A., Nsofor, E. and Laski, L. 2017, ‘Building the foundations for sustainable development: A case for global investment in the capabilities of adolescents’, The Lancet, vol. 390, pp. 1792-1806.

Research reports

Rasmussen, B., Sweeny, K., Welsh, A., Kumnick, M., Reeve, M. and Dayal, P. 2020, Increasing Social and Economic Benerits Globally: Rates of Return on Health Investments, US Chamber of Commerce, Washington DC and VISES, Victoria University, Melbourne.

Rasmussen, B., Sweeny, K., Maharaj, N. and Welsh, A. 2018, Our Health Our Wealth: The Impact of Ill Health on Retirement Savings in Australian, Report to The McKell Institute, VISES, Victoria University, Melbourne, August.

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Houghton, J. and Welsh, A. 2009, ICT Trade Update 2010, for Australian Computing Society, CSES, Victoria University, Melbourne. Available from ACS.