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The Rebirth of Australian Industry: Australian Trade in Elaborately Transformed Manufactures 1979-93 (1994)

‘In the past decade, Australia has made stunning progress towards becoming a clever country. Business spending on R&D has quadrupled...in real terms. And manufacturing exports have quadrupled...What is new in this thought provoking and challenging new study is its argument that these are linked; that manufacturing exports have been driven in part by the new knowledge gained through R&D.’
Tim Colebatch, The Age, 22 Sept 94

‘The really exciting conclusion...is that the industry plans concieved...in the 1980s are working for us in the 1990s...The message from the study is clear. Intelligent industry policy based on an understanding of the realities of global business creates dynamism and growth.’
Peter Roberts, Australian Financial Review, 22 Sept 94

This is the first report of the New and Old Industries in Australia project, which was funded by the Australian Research Council through the Collaborative Research Grants Program, with the support of the Australian Manufacturing Council and associated companies, and contributions from Victoria University, the University of Melbourne and the Australian National University. CSES acknowledges the support of ASTEC and CSIRO in the preparation of this study.

By Peter Sheehan, Nick Pappas and Enjiang Cheng
Published 1994 A$24.95 ISBN 1-86272-442-3

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Table of contents


1 ETM Trade and Australia's Economic Future


2 The Questions

3 Manufacturing, Competition and Comparative Advantage

4 The Policy Context


5 An Outline of Australian Manufacturing Trade, 1979 to 1993

6 Australian ETM Exports and World Markets

7 Export Growth, Import Penetration and Competitiveness: A Time Series Analysis

8 Implications for Rapid Growth